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Our Why

Our Why

Our Why

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire and support lawyers to be entrepreneurs, creating a collaborative community that offers the benefits of a big firm and of a solo/small firm life while mitigating the downsides of both.

We are building a more perfect union of lawyers who operate separate law practices in a collaborative environment that fosters a lawyer’s independence with support, by bringing entrepreneurship to lawyers and equipping attorneys with tools to run the business of law.

Our vision is to enable attorneys who have an unyielding desire to own their own firm to experience the benefits of professional freedom and business ownership, to navigate life as an entrepreneur, and to help them become successful solo/small firm business owners.

Our Why

Our Goals

  • Partnership:
    We seek out ways to provide unexpected benefits to our members by understanding their practice areas and anticipating their needs.
  • Engagement:
    We are inspired to meet the needs of our members with unmatched customer service and peer respect.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset:
    We are curious, lifelong learners who embrace and capitalize on opportunities and will teach this approach to and encourage this approach with our members.
  • Responsive:
    We are proactive and committed to communicating in a manner that builds confidence and trust within our membership, and the vendors that support our members.
  • Skilled:
    We are proficient in the services we offer and are dedicated to continuous improvement.